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The Cage

The only netted-in turf skills area in Greenwich

Division 1 Prep is now a 1-stop-shop for competitive athletes. Work on your golf game, baseball/softball hitting and skills, lacrosse shots, field hockey shots, and more. All winter long you can be getting ahead while your competition is sitting inside. Conveniently located in the back of our building.

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$40 – Half-Hour Rental
$60 – Hour Long Rental
$275 – 5 Hour Rental Package
$500 – 10 Hour Rental Package

*If you offer sports training, please call for your rate



Top Side Lacrosse, LLC is a New York-based organization that looks to improve your game and help you take it to the next level. Our coaches look to improve your strength and conditioning, overall stick skills, and your knowledge of the game through effective drills and teaching methods used by most collegiate coaches. We are dedicated to making you a better overall player while making sure you still enjoy the game.