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Elite Package

Intensive training that helps you reach your athletic goals. With advanced linear and lateral speed dynamics, intermediate plyometric training, advanced flexibility training and advanced pre-hab, joint stability and mobility training. It’s our most popular program and get’s the best results because the workouts are tailored to your exact needs.

  • 1 on 1 sessions
  • Specific program for each athlete
  • Custom schedule

Partner Up!

Partner training is similar to Elite but you train with a friend and split the cost of the session. It’s becoming one of our most popular packages and for good reason. Camaraderie and competition are a great way to push yourself to new levels.

  • 2 Athletes
  • Specific program developed
  • Custom schedule

‘The Grind’ Group Training

Develop muscular power and overall speed with Level I Plyometrics including double leg jumps, low-level hops and skips and other explosive, fast-acting movements. Accelerate speed and velocity skills. Enhance strength with low-level, explosive and absolute strength lifts, functional strength exercises and core strength activities.

  • For High School Athletes (9-12th grade)
small group

‘Development’ Group Training

Similar to group training, but for a younger age. We change the pace a bit for the athletes in these classes. Boys and girls train together and class sizes are slightly larger.

  • For 5th – 8th grade

Team Training

It’s just a little more fun when you get to compete with your entire team while you reach for a common goal. We’ve mastered the balance of competition, encouragement and fun for team training and we get measurable gains. If your team is interested in competing at the highest level possible, we’ll work with you to develop the program that makes it happen.

  • Train with your entire team
  • Schedule the days based on group availability
  • All types of athletic teams welcome

Division 1 Boot Camp

Bored with your workout routine? You and everybody else! So try working out like the athlete you once were (or weren’t, no judgment). We’ve developed a unique and fun way to get your workouts done. We’ll cover strength, core, flexibility, conditioning and more to keep you motivated.

  • Boot Camp Style Group Training
  • Monday – Saturday Morning

Adult Crew/Rowing

Wish you were back out on the water with your team? Ever look at a crew team and wonder how they ever got in such impeccable shape? We’ve got a class that’s perfect for you. The class combines crew training techniques with strength and conditioning workouts to create a full body workout you won’t forget.

  • Group training
  • Mon, Tues, Thurs Mornings
  • 45 minute classes

Yoga With Cuyler Bell

My class is an hour long power vinyasa with an emphasis on breath to movement. Each class is designed differently in order to enhance the student’s ability to adapt and transition in poses and movements. Thus, the student can take what they have learned on the mat and institute these practices into daily life.

My classes focus on alleviating stress, finding balance, creating openness, and building strength. All of this is done to a thoughtful soundtrack in a fun-filled environment. My intention is that you will feel clearer, lighter, and stronger after each class!


Lil’Tots Training

Never too early to start! We’ve developed a great program for Pre-K athletes looking for a fun to introduce structure and functional movement. Motor function, footwork, flexibility and athletic movements are all integrated into this 30 minute class.

  • Pre-K (Ages 4-6)
  • Schedule coming soon!
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