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Strength & Conditioning Center For Athletes

Welcome to Division 1 Prep

Division 1 Prep offers unique, personalized sports specific training programs for aspiring Division 1 athletes, as well as adults who want to achieve optimal fitness and health.

We work with you step-by-step, helping you build strength, speed, stamina and self-confidence.

Our holistic mind-body approach includes post-session recovery routines, nutrition counseling and injury prevention.

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The Division 1 Prep Difference

Every workout targets your entire body to increase athletic performance and maximize potential.

Whether you are a beginning athlete who wants to advance your skills, an elite athlete who needs a rigorous pre-competition training regimen or an adult who wants to reap the benefits of a truly healthy and active lifestyle, at Division 1 Prep you can achieve your goals.

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Our Philosophy

At Division 1 Prep, we create highly effective training programs where hard work guarantees success. Our customized workouts will propel you to a new level of skill, strength, stamina and fitness you might have thought unreachable.

At Division 1 Prep, you’ll be motivated by friends and teammates who train with you in age, goal, and sport-specific small groups. Your job is to dedicate yourself to your training and workout routine and to work as hard as you can to improve and excel. Our job is to be there every step of the way, fine tuning your workout and motivating you to “go for it”.

At Division 1 Prep, training does not stop at the gym. We offer nutritional counseling, injury prevention strategies, life coaching, and post-workout recovery routines.

When we work with young people, we act as mentors and coaches fostering motivation, self- discipline, and self-respect. At the same time, we strive to promote a fun, energetic atmosphere where kids can get together to enjoy healthy activities with their friends. Frankly, its not that different with adults.

We want to make training and conditioning a rewarding experience – mentally as well as physically – for all ages. We understand that the rewards sought by a young mother who wants to get back into shape after childbirth differ from those of an elite athlete preparing for competition, however, both goals are important and we’re here to help our clients achieve them.

That’s probably why we’ve been Best of Greenwich….

6 Years in a row!

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Every Rep Counts